Learn to Connect to the Other Side

Online Learn to Connect Course

Welcome to the Psychic Center Online Learn to Connect Course website!

What is the Online Learn to Connect Course?

This course begins by building the foundation of connecting to the other side and teaches you the steps to learn how you receive this information and how to hone your innate abilities! Whether you want to connect with loved ones who have passed, your guides or your angels, this course is a self-paced, proven program to assist you in building your own connection to your Divine Helpers and those you miss who have left the earthly plane.

We can all connect and receive! Let this be your first step to creating that bridge to the other side!

This is a six month course that includes:
24 written lessons with exercises
24 audio instruction files to walk you through the lessons
6 meditations
A Facebook study group with other students in the course

All for only $150!

You choose when, how and where you do the course, in your own space, and with no time restrictions. Course material is available 24/7.

Each lesson is designed to be done in a week’s time, but you can take as long as you need to do it. You can even download the material to take with you on trips, to read during your lunch break, wherever life takes you!

The course is designed by J.T., my incredible son on the other side, and many of my Divine Helpers. As they were teaching me these lessons, I was amazed at how simple the process was. I said to J.T. on many occasions, “It can’t be this simple. If it was, we’d all be doing it.” He said, “Yes, that’s the point! You all can do it! We want all of you to do this!” Hence, my mission to provide everyone with the tools to Lead a Guided Life, as I call it.

There are no time limits on accessing the course, so you can purchase it now and wait until later to start if you want.

We are all on a journey. Some of us know where we are going. Some of us are trying to get where we need to be. Some of us are struggling to find the path.

Your Psychic Journey begins here. No matter where you are on your path, we are here to walk with you and help you find your way.

Let your journey begin!